September 7, 2008

 To all our valued patients and friends,

 I am writing this letter to let you know that as of August 14th, I have retired from the practice of dentistry.  The decision to retire was a difficult one for me because I love being a dentist.  I have truly enjoyed my relationships with my patients and staff and have gotten endless satisfaction and joy from caring for you and your families over the years.  I have had a great career.  It has been an honor to have served you for the past 37 years.  I look forward with excitement, to retirement and spending more time with my family.  I look back with fondness and pride, to my years here with you and all that we have accomplished together.  Thank you for your kindness, your loyalty, and your trust.        

I am happy to announce that Dr. Bryan Ophaug has purchased my practice and will be caring for your dental needs in the future.  Most of you already know Dr. Ophaug.  He has been my full time associate for the past 4 ½ years.  Those of you who know Dr. Ophaug already know what a fantastic dentist he is.  To those of you who have not yet met him, you are in great hands.  Dr. Ophaug has exceptional clinical skill and a wonderful chairside manner.  He cares deeply about his work and his patients.  I know Dr. Ophaug is committed to continuing the fine tradition of Bass Lake Dental because for the past 4 ½ years he has been a large part of helping build it.  I highly encourage you and your family to continue your dental treatment here at Bass Lake Dental under the excellent care of Dr. Ophaug.

The same friendly and caring staff, Di H, Sapna, Jennifer, Gail, Nance, Sheila, Luann, Marilyn, Di A, Emily, and Shelly will continue to serve you, and as always, you will be contacted for your periodic exams.  I know Dr. Ophaug will appreciate, as I have, all the little things they do to make you more comfortable. 

I want to thank each of you for the opportunity to be your dentist and for your past and present support.  It means more to me than I could ever express.  Please know that you have my best wishes for the future. 


Robert D. Thompson, D.D.S.