Our Team



The impeccable reputation that Bass Lake Dental has built over a period of over 50 years is due in large part to the excellence of its staff and a team environment that enables us to provide a level of personalized care that is unparalleled.

The office staff at Bass Lake Dental has in-depth knowledge of the various insurance plans and other financing options that are available to our patients.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

The clinical staff at Bass Lake Dental is not only very experienced, but they are highly trained with regard to the use of the latest technology, dental materials and techniques that are offered as part of our comprehensive service to our patients.  We are most appreciative of the confidence our patients place in us, and you can be assured that the dental care you receive at Bass Lake Dental will be of the highest quality and will be provided in an atmosphere that is caring and supportive.


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