At Bass Lake Dental, Germs don't stand a chance!

We have implemented a rigorous series of

disinfection and engineering protocols to ensure

that your visit to our clinic is VERY safe.  From

check-in to check-out and everything in between,

your safety is ALWAYS on our mind!  We thank you

for your confidence in us!  Here are a few of the

MANY steps we have taken to ensure that your

confidence in us is well placed.



Car-Side Check In:

When you arrive, call or text us to let us know you

are here.  We will then bring you directly to your

treatment room for you appointment.  This enables

us to keep the number of people in the office to a

minimum in order to maximize safety for everyone!


Temperature Screening with

Hospital-Grade Thermometers:

All staff temperatures are checked and logged

daily.  All Patient temperatures are checked before

every appointment with a highly accurate

WelchAllyn thermometer.  We have found forehead

scanners to be far too inaccurate to be an effective

screening tool for Covid-19.  

MaxAir Respirators (CAPRs) /

Isolation Gowns:

At Bass Lake Dental we take your safety seriously! 

We use top quality PPE to maximize safety of all

Patients and Staff.  Our Clinical Staff wear high-

tech MaxAir Controlled Air Purifying Respirators

(CAPRs).  CAPRs represent the highest level of

respiratory protection available (far superior to

N95/face shield) and are used in facilities around

the world where maximum protection is desired. 

We also wear new isolation gowns for every patient

encounter.  Laundry facilities were recently

installed on-site to ensure safe handling of the high

volume of PPE we use.  We request all patients

wear masks into the office.  You will be provided

with one if needed.

Cloudburst Disinfection System:

In addition to our already stringent cleaning

protocols, we have gone above and beyond CDC

recommendations and invested in another layer of

safety.  In between every patient appointment our

treatment rooms are thoroughly fogged with a

hospital grade / environmentally friendly

disinfectant which is generated on-site.  At the end

of the day, every day, the entire office is fogged.

This Hospital grade disinfectant is many times

more bactericidal and virucidal than bleach, but is

completely non-toxic and actually gentle enough to

be used in wound care and food sanitization.  The

fogging of our treatment rooms and office in

addition to our other stringent cleaning protocols

ensures your appointment takes place in an

extremely clean and safe environment.  

Plexiglass Front Desk Enclosure:

We installed a large plexiglass barrier at the front

desk for enhanced safety when checking-out.